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2014 Board of Directors

It's that time of year again!  The new board of directors has been elected; visit the Board of Directors page to view the new members and appointees!

Amplify Austin DONORS

A HUGE thank you to our Amplify Austin Donors!

We appreciate all of our Amplify Austin DONORS to PLANCTX! THANK YOU for being LIFESAVERS!!! 

Dr. Monica Alleman, Mr. Ricky Allred, Ms. Mary Bach, Ms. Darnese Bell, Ms. Mary Bowles, Mr. & Mrs. Mike Brookins, Ms. Barbara Burleson, Ms. Katie Busboom, Mr. Mark Busboom, Ms. Ellen Carpenter, Ms. Hallie Casey, Ms. Janet Casey, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Cavitt, Ms. Amy Coffman, Ms. Jana Collins, Mr. Richard Cort, Mr. Stephen Crimmins, Mr. & Mrs. Jordon Cronin, Ms. Beverly Crozier, Mr. Brian Crozier, Ms. Pam Daggett, Mr. & Mrs. Nigel Dawson, Ms. Juanita DeBoll, Dr. Carol Pierce Davis, Mr. Don DeGrasse, Dr. Cecile DeWitt, Dr. Diana DiNitto, Mr. & Mrs. Sandy Dochen, Mr. Rob Dock, Ms. Karen Dorrier, Ms. Laura Eiserloh, Ms. Ann Marie Ellis, Mr. Bob Englert, J.D., Ms. Gail Findlay, Mr. Edward Flores, Rev. Cari Fowler, Ms. Anita Garner, Ms. Maria C. Gonzalez, Ms. Janice Goodspeed, R. Grafe, Ms. Bess Graham, Ms. Nancy Grasshoff, Mr. L.W. Halpin, Mr. Clark Heidrick, Ms. Juliana Helton, Mr. & Mrs. Vince Hirsch, Mr. & Mrs. Pat Hood, Mr. & Mrs. Terry Hutchens, Ms. Vynita Hutson, Ms. Mariam Jacob, Ms. Linda Kemp, Ms. Adrienne Kennedy, Ms. Diana Kern, Ms. Shelley Hillman Kish, Ms. Nelva Kramp, Ms. Lee Ann LaBorde, Mr. Don Lansing, Mr. Gus & Mrs. Marion Lindemann, Mr. Howard Lindemann, Ms. Lisa Lindemann, Mr. Luke Lindemann, Ms. Jennie Link, Mr. Jesus & Mrs. Sarah Longoria, Dr. Don Lovering, Mr. Stephen Low, Mr. James Maldonado, Pat Markley, Kelly Maroney, Dr. Seena Mathew, Ms. Mary Ellen Mathis, Mr. W. Scott McAfee, Mr. & Mrs. George McCormick, Ms. Emily McCullar, Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCullar, Ms. Rosa McKendrick, Ms. Shannon McNabb, Ms. Brigette Mendoza, Ms. Cara Mehrens, Ms. Lisa Miller, Ms. Mirian Morgan & Mr. Patrick Ramb, Ms. Laura Morrison, Ms. Debbie Murphy, Mr. Robert Nichols, Ms. Lea Noelke, Ms. Marietta Noel, Mr. Robert Nyp, Ms. Marti Oetzel, Tracy Parker, Ms. Rachel Penton, Ms. Cynthia Penwell-King, Ms. Stephanie Perryman, Ms. Debbie Peterson, Mickie Phipps, Mr. Gordon Pierce, Ms. Tish Pietsch, Ms. Lisha Pitts, Samar Poorlakani, Lane Prickett, Ms. Robyn Priest, Ms. Rhoda Raji, Ms. Donna Salem Roughton, Mr. Ray Saldana, Ms. Jeri Saper, Ms. Elaine Sherman Saulnier, Ms. Janet Sawyer, Ms. June Scogin, Mr. Thomas Shelby, Ms. Dina Sherzer, Ms. Cindy Lou Sibley, Mr. Paul Silver, Ms. Mirian Small, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Smith, Ms. Karla Starkweather, Mr. Bob Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. Whit Swift, The Rev. & Mrs. Robert Terhune, Mr. Darryl Tocker, Dr. Marcia Toprac, Dr. Dorothy Van Soest & Ms. Susan Seney, Mr. Zach Varghese, Ms. Marilyn Vinson, Marty Vogt, Pat Walters, Ms. Michele Warren, Mrs. Betty & Mr. Sid Wattinger, Dr. Debbie Webb, Katherine Parsons & DeCota Gray II, Dr. Barbara White, Ms. Molly White, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Whittington, Mr. David Williams, Ms. Dorothy Wise, Ms. Brandy Wolfe, and Anonymous x 14 donors. 

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Our Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement
We envision all people living mentally healthy lives.

Mission Statement
PLANCTX offers an array of customized services designed to enhance the lives of individuals and families facing mental health challenges.

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We couldn't do it without your amazing support! 

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Education & Benefits

I.T. For Intelligent Grandmothers

Dr. Cecile DeWitt's book, I.T. For Intelligent Grandmothers, is available for purchase. Sales proceeds benefit PLANCTX.


Randall's Good Neighbor Program

Randalls Remarkable Cardholders, your purchases can benefit PLANCTX! Our donation number is 9302.  Visit your neighborhood Randalls today to get started!

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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