Cost of Services

We offer a free one hour initial consultation to determine your eligibility.

PLANCTX bases our fees on your financial situation. We also provide cost-sharing opportunities via grants and up to 100% grant funded services for those in financial need (depending on the availability of funds at the time).

Care Management Services

$85 per hour with a Master’s degree-level CM

Individual or Family Counseling

$100 per hour with a LCSW or LPC
$150 per hour with a Ph.D. therapist

Peer Assistance Services

$35 per hour by CPS/PA

Health & Wellness Groups

$25 per hour

YMCA Membership for Clients

$15 per month


(Your choice of location):
50¢ per mile, round trip from our office*

Travel Time

(Your choice of location):
$25 per hour for CM/LCSW/LPC*
$15 per hour for CPS/PA*
* No fee when services are delivered at our office.

Additional Free Services
  • Peer Socials
  • Caregiver Meetings
  • Attending Family Dinners**
  • Membership
  • Annual Gathering

** Persons pay for their own meals.