Our Services Provide

Our customized services include but are not limited to:

  • Active encouragement to participate in our healthy, supportive community of recovery
  • Skills development for independent living (ex. budgeting, banking, paying bills, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, exercising, navigating public transportation)
  • Group activities and meetings to enhance wellness, social skills, relationships and a positive quality of life
  • Help clients access appropriate medical care and communicate effectively with providers and others
  • Assist clients with public benefits (ex. SSI, SSDI, SNAP, MAP card)
  • Aid clients in finding and retaining housing, paid jobs, volunteer work, and hobbies
  • Monthly networking opportunities to enjoy the company of others at Family Dinners
  • Free Caregiver Meetings (featured topics such as long-term planning and special needs trusts)
  • Family respite: access to supportive, pleasant contacts during family member or caregiver vacations or crises